Notes and Compendia

This section deals with notes and compendia which can be useful for the Coherency Architect. Remember that all documents published at are licensed under the Creative Commons V. 3.0. U.S. edition.

Research Methods:

Compendium regarding the usage of the Case Study Method (The Case Study Method from a Coherency Architect’s Point of View).

IT Management:

Notes for the discipline of Critical Issues in IT Management (Notes for Critical Issues in IT Management).

Notes for articulation of an IT strategy based on the book by Chriss Potts titled “FruITion” (Articulation of an IT strategy)

Business Management:

Notes for the book “Alignment: How to Apply the Balanced Scorecard to Corporate Strategy written by Kaplan and Norton”. The focus of the notes is how a Coherency Architect can relate to the theories presented in the book (Alingment: Notes for a Coherency Architect).

Business Models in Context (Business Models: From a Coherency Architect’s Point of View.)

Enterprise Architecture:

This compendium is an introduction to Enterprise Architecture. The compendium is structured upon the Enterprise Architecture course at the IT University of Copenhagen. The notes are structured around the basic assumption that Bernard states in his book “An introduction to Enterprise Architecture” which is Enterprise Architecture = Strategy, Business and Technology. It is notable that the compendium is licensed under the Creative Commons SA, BY, NC license which means that you can create derivatives, share the document but you can only use it for non-commercial purposes.

Download the compendium here.

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