Perspectives of Enterprising, Architecture & Systems

Enterprising This blog post deals with the summer school of week 31. The summer school dealt with the theme of “enterprising” which literally means anything from Enterprise Architecture, Viable Systems Models and technologies related to the systems development. Sally Bean introduced concepts of Enterprise Architecture and systems thinking, and likewise did Patrick Hoverstadt introduced us to his particular perspective on systems thinking and Enterprise Architecture. After the introduction of various participants in the summer school it could be concluded that a lot of different profiles attended the summer school. E.g. some had a background theological sciences, some had a background … Continue reading Perspectives of Enterprising, Architecture & Systems

Week 22 Enterprise Architecture Summer Camp (Day 2)

This blog post deals with the second and final day of the summer school dealing with Enterprise Architecture. The tagline for the summer school is “Scandinavian Design and Oblique Angles”. The day was characterized as a setup that was dominated by companies and industry professionals who presented topics of a wide variety of topics. A Next-Generation EA Approach to Modeling the Firm using Capability Sets John Gotze has in cooperation with Pat Turner written a paper on how to use capability sets in order to make Enterprise Architecture to work, how to sell Enterprise Architecture and what the value of … Continue reading Week 22 Enterprise Architecture Summer Camp (Day 2)

Holistic Management in a Context of Enterprise IT Management and Organizational Leadership

An Approach to Sense Making and Intelligent Business There are probably many different ways to gain sense in each of the many different enterprises and organizations across the planet. This particular paper investigates one particular approach question the validity of the data and the selected approaches to articulate strategies and plans. This should give you (the reader) an idea on how to develop better plans that in turn would give the enterprise a better system. In order to make proper decisions on how to develop the enterprise it becomes a necessity for the enterprise to deal with the question of … Continue reading Holistic Management in a Context of Enterprise IT Management and Organizational Leadership

The IGIA-Framework

During the summer of 2010 I worked with a literature review that basically dealt with how Enterprise Architecture (through Coherency Management) could be addressing the issue of rewiring the form of leadership which exists in the enterprise. The IGIA-Framework is a form of synthesis of various theories within the field of corporate governance, IT strategy, IT governance, Workforce planning, Enterprise Architecture and Coherency Management. The edition of the framework that is released with this blog post is advocating a big bang change approach which demands a lot of resources and a long term commitment. This will be altered with the … Continue reading The IGIA-Framework