I can be contacted at:


Tel: +45 2093 4848 (D.K.)

Skype: WaterClone


  1. hi Peter

    nice blog. plse let me know when yu get yur photos up and where to find them.

    I’ll invite yu to the nextgenea project when we have it ready to go. look forward to your comments and input.


    1. Hi Pat,

      I will upload my photos at Google Picasa Web. I will sent you a link to it to your e-mail. I will look forward to participate in the Next Generation EA project.

      I hope you have a good time in Denmark and have a nice journey back to Australia.

      Best regards,

      PS: Here is the link to Google Maps. As mentioned then Copenhagen Tivoli is located right next to the Copenhagen Central Station. If you need the time for the train then you can go to the website should have an English interface.

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