The New Enterprise Architecture

Gary Doucet came to the IT University in Copenhagen the 18th of September 2009 and held a keynote for the Ebuss Association. He presented the ground principles of Coherency Management which in many ways make use of the established Enterprise Architecture theories.

An important note in comperency between Coherency Management (CM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) is that

Ross and Weill (2005) fell into a trap with their definition of EA since it is way to technology orientated. IT should be on how to improve the way the organization does its business. – Gary Doucet

and that opposite the EA perspective which mostly work with the idea of technology optimization then Coherency Management is based on the assumption that all companies have an architecture; however quite a few of them haven’t made them explicit.

If a company hadn’t an architecture then the company wouldn’t exist because the the company wouldn’t be able to do its business.

Another example of the differences between EA and CM is an enterprise wide perspective which includes the business side since CM is about making the business achieve its goals in a smarter way where EA projects often leads to dealing with technology in a smarter way.

The CM has to be put under its own office and should report the a CXO (top management) instead of the CIO since then it will often lead to a technology project.

So in a way the concept of coherency management includes the ideas and models from EA but in its way it will become a new discipline!


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