A Model for Literature on Enterprise Architecture

I have been working with several different perspectives on governance, strategy, it architecture and enterprise architecture. I have read several books on the three topics and as such I have been able to build a model for categorizing the literature. The Model The model is segmented into three different levels and three different categories. The first (vertical) category deals with information and how information is used. The second (vertical) category deals with strategy (you shouldn’t articulate a strategy that isn’t based on information). The third category (vertical) is about innovation since strategy is often about doing new things and do … Continue reading A Model for Literature on Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is more than IT

This blog post is based on the guest lecture that Chris Potts performed at the course B30 Enterprise Strategy, Business and Technology at the IT University of Copenhagen the 25th of October 2010. It is growing sense around the world that Enterprise Architecture is dealing with more than IT; however since the concept’s origin from the world of IT has often been portrayed as an IT concept, and implemented as a rather IT centric tool. Chris Potts asked the class at the lecture: “Can you recognize this architecture (this building – showing a picture of the insides of the Sydney … Continue reading Enterprise Architecture is more than IT